Parks Not Parker Issues Residents’ Vision For Use of Old Golf Course Property.

Click Here to see the El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course Vision Version 3

I hope by now, you have heard about Measure E, placed on the ballot for the November 3 election. Measure E is simply an advisory vote to determine the feeling about how EDH CSD voters feel about turning the Old Golf Course into 760 +- rooftops bringing more traffic, congestion, pollution and noise. A NO vote rejects the idea of rezoning the Old Golf Course to be used for low, medium and high density housing. Supplemental information for this should be a vision of how that property should be utilized if it is not rezoned. We have been working the last few months developing this vision. It is in it’s early stages, but I have attached a working copy for you to review and use. The next step is to have some Town Hall meetings (being scheduled) so the community can participate in shaping the vision from a “resident” perspective, not a “developer” perspective. That is not to say those two perspectives are mutually exclusive. It does suggest that the vision will give the residents a voice in the final disposition of the property.

In a nutshell, this vision can be viewed in two parts. Part 1 will be to show how the collaborative efforts of residents can result in a common vision. Part 2 shows that there are good, well rounded financial, health, cultural, recreational and quality of life benefits to EDH residents and residents of the rest of the county as an alternative to simply revenue generated by building low, medium and high density housing.

We urge you to review the vision. Be critical. Fight for what you want. Eventually, we will have a vision that we all can live with.

12 thoughts on “Parks Not Parker Issues Residents’ Vision For Use of Old Golf Course Property.

  1. ulf

    There has to be an argument to not bring more people to exhaust the water shortage we already have!
    Where is the water going to come from EID says their resources are scarce.
    I am not going to save water just so someone else can waste it.

    • Jim Pridemore

      Ulf, you are not alone in your assessment. Water use is one of the points I left out of the Vision, in error. Thank you.

  2. I agree with the position of ParksNotParker regarding keeping the former golf course land as open land or as a park. However, I do NOT agree with one point: There should NOT be “lighted fields”!

    El Dorado Hills still has relatively dark skies (for being so close to a metropolitan area). If you don’t believe this, please check out my ‘hobby’ website, which shows the astronomical images I’ve taken (from the Ridgeview area):
    [click on the “Favorite Images” button, and scroll down the page to see the images]

    Dark skies are just as much a resource of our community as open land. As a member of the International Dark Sky Association, I cannot support any proposal that will ruin our dark skies. As mentioned above, I DO agree with everything else in the proposed Version 2. PLEASE remove the “lighted fields” from the 4th slide in the presentation! I will fully support everything else that has been proposed.

    Thank you for your understanding and consideration. Let’s keep our area as ‘natural’ as possible, INCLUDING dark skies!!!

    Steve Fry
    Ridgeview Village, Unit 2

    • Jim Pridemore

      Mr. Fry,

      Thank you for your comments regarding the lighted fields. I understand your position completely. Before I remove this aspect of the Vision, I would like to have more comments for and against. Is there any compromise you see that would satisfy those who want dark skys and those who have children that play sports into the sunset hours? For example, could Fridays and or Saturdays until 9:00 pm be an exception for you? Any other alternatives that would satisfy your requirement for dark skies? We know we cannot meet everyone’s needs, but is there room for compromise that everyone can live with? That is what we are looking for. Again, I appreciate your comments and look forward to working with you.


      Jim Pridemore

      • Claudia

        I am a former Empire Ranch golf course home owner, now living in the Ridgeview area of EDH. I am so happy to have the darker skies again! I helped in the unsuccessful fight to stop the giant, lighted “park” and “sports fields” on Sophia Parkway. We were assured that with the new technology in lighting, our skies would not be impacted. I lived on the 7th green, miles away from the new “park” and could no longer see the stars as I had before. You could see the reflective affect as you drove down Golf Links. We were also told this was for the “children”. If you drive by the “park” any evening past about 7:00 p.m., I challenge you to find anything other than ADULT sports leagues, and they play late into the night.
        I definitely don’t want to see 700+ new homes filling our open space, but I don’t want giant lights destroying our views either.

        • Jim Pridemore


          Thank you for sharing your experiences with lighting. There are several others who have the same perspective. It looks to me that this is one topic that will require some give and take among residents. Would you be able to make it to the Town Hall Meeting at EDH Fire Station #85, 1050 Wilson Blvd, Tuesday, September 29, 6:30 pm?

          Thanks again for your comment.


          Jim Pridemore

  3. Marty Larsen

    I agree with keeping EDH less like a city and more like the back country. That would include support for more open space and less light pollution. Lets support the park but not so much the lights. 🙂

    • Jim Pridemore

      Marty Larson,

      Thank you for your comments. I agree. Regarding the lights, I want the community to determine that, along with everything else in the Vision.


      Jim Pridemore

  4. John Casserly

    Any chance the land can just be left the way it is? I see lots of soccer fields which i am assuming is going to lead to more out area leagues playing here which means much more traffic and noise. Also the hill is quite steep, what is the cost of doing something like this? What would the cost be and will it require a tax increase?

    • Jim Pridemore


      Thank your for your comments. I am afraid that if we residents do nothing you will be seeing over 760 new homes at the intersection of Serrano Parkway and El Dorado Hills Blvd. Along with the cars, congestion, pollution and noise. It is our choice.


      Jim Pridemore

  5. Ed Behl

    We should also include a Disc Golf Course into the recreation land use vision as it does not disturb the environment and leaves the land and trees as is. Disc Golf courses play in about a third of the distance of a ball golf course and blend in complimenting park usage as the players are using plastic discs (like frisbees) I instead of dangerous golf balls. EDH has a large amount of players in every demographic segment who travel to Auburn, Roseville, Placerville, Orangevale, Sunrise, Carmichael, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Grass Valley, Chico, South Lake Tahoe ALL of which have public free courses in community parks

    • Jim Pridemore

      Ed Behl,

      Thank you for your suggestion. I will be happy to include Disc Golf into the “Vision” for subsequent discussions in the community along with the other components already included.

      Thank you for your ideas and comments.

      Jim Pridemore

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