Parks Not Parker is Phasing into United Neighborhoods Of El Dorado Hills

Thank you!

Parks Not Parker thanks all the volunteers and voters who worked on the Vote No On Measure E campaign.  The outcome was unprecedented.

measure E results
We are now moving into the next phase which is to establish a new group, United Neighborhoods of El Dorado Hills (UNOEDH).

What happened at the UNOEDH November 16th Public Kick-off meeting?

The meeting included presentations and Q&A on two distinct subjects. During the first segment of the meeting, following the welcome and ‘around the room’ introductions, El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) Directors Terry Crumpley and Noelle Mattock described the results of the Measure E vote (almost 41% of the eligible voters cast ballots, with NO votes for 91%-over 8200 No votes), the Community Services District (CSD)’s actions to send a cover letter and resolution to the EL Dorado County BOS, and a brief description of the CSD’s planned efforts, including the public release of the updated District Master Plan in January 2016.

This was followed by a brief discussion by Noah Briel (EDH appointed representative to the EL Dorado County ‘Community and Economic Development Advisory Council’ (CEDAC) of the ‘Black Map’ that shows what properties in EDH are currently developed or have development entitlements, and which do not.

John Hidahl then described the next steps associated with the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan proposal by the Parker Development Co. to rezone the 98 acre site and other related properties. The Draft Environmental Impact Analysis (DEIR) is expected to be released for Public review on Friday November 20th, which starts a minimum 45 day review period.

The EDH ‘Area Planning Advisory Committee’ (APAC) will hold it’s monthly meeting on Monday November 23rd @ 7PM in the EDHCSD Norm Rowett Pavilion, and has requested that a summary presentation of the project be provided by the Parker Development Co. The APAC subcommittee for this project will provide initial comments on their review to date, and encourage public participation in the APAC review process.

During the second segment of the meeting, Rachel Michelin described the purpose of creating the UNOEDH community coalition, and the need for community visioning. This group will be fully inclusive with representatives and participants from every part of our community. The next Community meeting is planned in the January 2016 timeframe, after the holidays and during the same period as the EDHCSD Master Plan is expected to be released.

John Hidahl then described the need to create an EDH Community Plan, as originally planned by the CEDAC EDH group over a year ago, and that with the current community interest in Visioning and Open Space, that it was an opportunity for the new UNOEDH group to define a local Community Plan similar to what the community of Meyers did several years ago.

The County Community Planning Guide Roadmap was described, with an estimated effort of 2 ½ years to complete the Plan. In comparison, it took Meyers 4 years to complete their plan, in large measure due to the lack of a Planning Guide to define the steps and involvement required. A planning timeline, in months was also described to allow a better understanding of all of the elements of a community plan and why it is a challenging journey. For the community of Meyers, it has proven to be a very worthwhile activity, even with the periodic updates that are required.

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