Help us STOP the Golf Course Re-Zone NOW

Help us STOP the Golf Course Re-Zone NOW.

We have TWO WEEKS to submit comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

A few minutes writing your thoughts now could save you countless hours in traffic later.

What do we need?

WE NEED YOU to comment on the Central El Dorado Hills Environmental Impact Report. If you don’t, Parker Development Company will do whatever it wants. And what does Parker want? It wants to rezone the golf course and build more than 763 residences] houses, townhouses and apartments there. And 763 more residences means 2289 more cars, all pouring onto El Dorado Hills Boulevard.

Do you want what Parker wants?

Do you want more cars creating traffic gridlock and still more time behind the wheel? Do you want more air pollution? More noise in what was our quiet community? More crime? More students crowding into our schools? Asbestos particles in the air? Do you want to run out of water?

I bet you can think of problems that we haven’t even mentioned here.
How do we know Parker will do this?

Because building more and more houses, townhouses and apartments is what Parker does to communities. And because Parker already has ignored the 91% of voters who said they do not want the golf course rezoned!

Can we stop the re-zone?

YES – BUT OUR TIME IS LIMITED. We have TWO WEEKS to make our views known.

The EIR is written for the benefit of the Developer, as usual. We need to state our position and state it now, or Parker will go unopposed and take a further toll on our time with our families, our El Dorado Hills lifestyle, and the value of our property.

If you care about the quality of life in this community, now is the time to say so. We don’t need massive amounts of your time. We just need you to state your opinions about what Parker is trying to do.

And if you have any expertise in


Agriculture and Forestry


Air Quality

Biological Resources

Cultural Resources


Geology and Soils

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Hazards and Hazardous Materials

Hydrology and Water Quality

Land Use and Planning

Mineral Resources


Population and Housing

Public Services


Transportation and Traffic

Utilities and Service Systems

or anything relevant to the damage Parker’s high-density development will do to our community, we especially need you to share your thoughts now.
We know that this is the holiday season. Unfortunately Parker knows it too.

Parker scheduled this so that the comment period would be during the holidays. Parker is counting on you to be too busy to comment on its attempt to degrade the quality of your life in your community and the value of your property. Don’t let Parker get away with its cynical ploy.

This is your neighborhood. DEFEND IT NOW by stating your views. It doesn’t need to take long. But the next two weeks are critical.

And there is no need to be intimidated by the comment process.

Want more information about how to help?

Visit How to comment on the DEIR

Feel free to call or email me:

(925) 890-8010

52 thoughts on “Help us STOP the Golf Course Re-Zone NOW

  1. Karen Rain

    The most important thing this group needs to do is make sure everyone who supports this is there at the meeting when the supervisors discuss it. The more people who are present — the more they will be pressured to not re-zone it for Parker. Please keep everyone informed as to when this item will be on their agenda so that we can all show up. I know I want to be there — please let me know when. Thanks

    • Jim Pridemore

      Thanks Karen, we will keep you informed about the date. I expect the meeting will be mid next year. In the meantime, if you have time, we would love to have your help commenting on the DEIR…

  2. Nora kolthoff

    Definitely no resonant. No more houses!

  3. Nora kolthoff

    No more houses. Too many already.

  4. Jeanell Cruz

    El Dorado Hills needs a sports complex. We are supposed to be a family community. Today’s youth are active and intersted in sports. Please build a nice sports complex that can host tournaments.

  5. John c. Leichty

    that land should be used for refuge , wild life and area natural growth preserve , with minium walking paths , for some areas to remain that make el dorado hills unique

  6. Mark Zinser

    In general, I’m not against development; however, infrastructure must be in place before development. Local communities are already sending their kids great distances to be educated because a lack of investment in the infrastructure prior to developing (i.e. Blackstone community students heading to Union Mine High School for education). A master plan should be in place to ensure the amount of recreation and infrastructure are developed and complete in parallel with the development.

  7. Judy Lange

    As a senior citizen who lives in a senior community across the street from the proposed re-zoning area, I and my fellow community members do not want the peacefulness and beauty of El Dorado Hills to be destroyed, by many new dwellings and more population who will contribute to congested traffic, increased noise, more demand on our limited resources. Obviously, there would be an increase in tax revenue should this be approved, but in the greater scheme one wonders just when do we hold the line on more and more development that will cause more and more issues.

    • Elinor Willcockson

      Amen, Caroline! I’m with you. There’s not enough water resources to support new development,

  8. Caroline Beven

    I’m not in favor of the development of this land due to our current drought situation. Until water issues are resolved there should be no new housing tracts in the area.

    • Jim Pridemore


      Many folks are with you on this issue. Thanks for your thoughts.


  9. Barbara

    I am so tired of El Dorado County and it open door policies with developers I really want to leave. It never has been about the good of the county and El Dorado Hills. It is strictly about making money and making a mess of our community. Just what we need… more ridiculous apartments lining our main throughfare. It is already ruined with horrible planning. Kids can’t even go to our local schools now and nothing is being done to address that. I don’t understand why they have to go to Cameron Park or Diamond Springs when we have schools already in El Dorado Hills. Insane!

  10. ted haase

    El Dorado Hills is outgrowing it’s infrastructure. We need a world class recreation complex and community center. This area needs to be used in a way to build infrstructure and keep our community from looking like the eye sores that are over developed.

    • Jim Pridemore


      I agree with you. We might be able to make this happen by commenting on the DEIR
      This is an opportunity to provide legitimate “alternatives” to Parker Development’s plans. Please let us know if you would be willing to help out with this part of the DEIR Comments.


  11. George Wolfe

    I truly miss the public golf course. It should be reinstated. If not, then it should be the next best thing and that is a Nature and Wildlife Preserve. Our foothills do not need any more demand for residential water or power. There are already enough other residential zoned properties that could and should be used for any expansion for residential demand. I adamantly request that a rezone the El Dorado Hills Public Golf Course be nothing else but a Nature/Wildlife Preserve.

    • Jim Pridemore


      During the campaign for Measure E, I knocked on a lot of doors along with a host of other volunteers. Most of the people we talked to shared your sentiment about the golf course. What I ask of you is to help us out in putting together strong comments on the DEIR that will help share your message. We welcome any help we can get.

      Thanks George!

  12. Heinz J Schwarz

    Don’t understand the urgency. Wasn’t the whole point of measure E to communicate to the Board of Supervisors that we don’t want this rezoning?

    If the EDC Board of Supervisors disregards the will of the EDH population and permits the re-zoning, we will have to move to incorporate EDH as a City.

    Given that EDH is by far the largest community in EDC and is currently used by the County as an ATM machine to fund the rest of the County, it is probably better for us to do that, so we can actually decide about our community here in EDH, not in Placerville, a rural community with lass than 10k population that is only interested in tax dollars out of EDH.

    • Jim Pridemore


      Measure E was the only approach we had at the time to send a strong voice to the Board of Supervisors. It was an “advisory” vote that can’t actually change things. However, if you see your Board of Supervisors vote to rezone the golf course after 91% of the strong turnout of voters are against it, we will all see if our elected officials listen to the people who put the into office.

      Regarding the move to incorporate EDH as a City is underway by a small group of people, but the odds are against it, as I understand, and it will take a long time to incorporate, if we proceed down that path.

      In the meantime, if we concentrate on making solid comments on the DEIR which points out our concerns to the point where they cannot be mitigated by the Developer of the County, we have a chance. This takes work and dedication. Not everyone has the time nor inclination to do this. We are looking for people who have the time, expertise and drive to make strong comments on the DEIR.

      • Heinz Schwarz

        got it. Just wanted to be sure: the board of Supervisors still has to approve a re-zoning, and when they do, they know full well what the vast majority of people who live in their ATM think about re-zoning.

  13. Dave Rittiman

    No to Re-zoning of the golf course. The property should be made into a park or sports complex.

    • Jim Pridemore

      91% of the voters in EDH feel the same way. The power is in the hands of our elected Board of Supervisors who have a track record of ignoring the people in EDH. Would you have the time to help us out?

  14. Johanne Christmas

    231 Gunston Ct

  15. Johanne Christmas

    We were advised this area was zoned for recreation & open space when we purchased our home here. The old driving range was even pointed out as an example. And it was & should remain that way! Little did we know the developer could change his mind as he has chosen to do, restrict the use of the old driving range to limit its income, & then request rezoning, AND request rezoning….. did I say request rezoning and request repeately to change the general plan.
    This area was set aside for RECREATION & OPEN SPACE & to provide a low impact recreation area for our community. The political gain for rezoning should not trump the original promise that “zoning” gave to this community.

  16. San Martin

    Thank you for the opportunity to reply. We do not need any new homes on the former golf course. Anyone who drives in and out of El Dorado Hills to work in Sacramento County and beyond knows the highway infrastructure and capacity was outdated before the upgrades were completed. There are more homes being built south of Hwy 50 s that will on exacerbate the traffic and congestion. We need open space that families can use for their children, for recreation. A sports complex that would generate revenue through concessions would be fantastic of soccer, baseball, football and other field sports. These types of complexes are profitable, provide long term jobs and provide much needed open space and recreation facilities for families and their children of all ages.

    Moreover, I think El Dorado Hills should explore becoming its own city to keep more of our tax dollars to support El Dorado Hills instead of Placerville and other communities who seem to like our tax dollars.

    Thank you.

  17. Ralph E Carlson

    I am quite concerned at the redefinition of the plan to replace open space with residential units. I don’t opose development. What I oppose is changing the game and compromising the quality of life for current residents. The whole point of zoning is to establish order and logic to the commnities. Rezoning now after so much careful management of the Serrano/Eldorado Hills community makes fools of us who bought here. If this property is rezoned it will be very clear that the county has absolutely no regard for the quality and stability of life for those of us who selected to live here.
    If we cannot count on the county to support consistent management of our environment, then this certainly isn’t the community I bought into and certainly not the one I will choose to stay a part of. This will afftect, not only the quality of life for me and the rest of the community, it will compsomise the value of the properties we own.
    I can’t believe that our elected officials would even consider doing this damage.

    • Jim Pridemore


      Well stated, I agree with all you said. The ball is in our court, however. We have done as much as we can do up to this point but that is not enough. We could use your help, if you have the time and energy.

      Thank you for your comments.


  18. Maynard and Donna Chadwick

    I lived in Redwood City for 65 years and moved here in February of this year because we liked the open space. Redwood City for the last 10 years or more used more water than they were allocated. The voters approved to stop any new residences being built until the water overuse was corrected. In the last 4 years over 1800 residential units were built. When we left in November 2014 downtown Redwood City had 7 high rise cranes building more 6 to 11 story condo’s, apartments and commercial buildings. All this was approved by the city council without a care about water over usage and excess traffic. The water rates were increased and the amount you were allocated was lowered. Voters just recently formed a committee to let the city council know they do not want any more building. I feel the damage is already done,
    I would hate to see El Dorado Hills follow this same path.
    Maynard Chadwick

    • Jim Pridemore

      Maynard and Donna,

      Unfortunately it looks like EDH is going in the wrong direction. Our Board of Supervisors are trying to increase revenue by allowing/pushing developers to build more homes. We already have enough homes, but the BOS sees more rooftops as solving our revenue problems. In reality, they are not thinking creatively to determine how we can take advantage of the resources in this county to increase revenue. It is easy for them to build houses…so short sighted, in my opinion.

      Maybe you could share some of your experience you gained in Redwood City with our core team trying to stop this development. We will be having meetings and would love to have you attend. EDH has a great bunch of residents and since you have only lived here a short period of time it would be a good opportunity for you to meet some great neighbors. If you have the time and energy, please visit this page Look forward to meeting you.

      Jim Pridemore

  19. T Ann

    I would like to see that area used for something the community can enjoy but not more homes. We don’t need anymore housing.

    • Jim Pridemore

      I agree. If you have time, watch this 26 minute video: DEIR Comment Training – Condensed Length 00:26:31 ***Recommended***


  20. Shirley Hughey

    Part of the reason I moved here was because of the golf course and community feel. I’d like to see open space and recreational use.

    • Jim Pridemore


      You and 91% of the voters who voted on Measure E!


  21. Gregory L. Matson

    The never ending story! Its never about the best thing for the community? It always boils down to Greed, the wheels (big) will be greased and the project will go through! When all is said and done the wheels (big) well not be living here, likely some retirement community out of state. And where will we be, stuck in traffic watching the neighborhood go to ****! No water, No room in schools, poor infrastructure. So like many others here if powers that be cave to Mr. Parker I will stay long enough to vote the rats out of office so they can spend their blood money. Oh yes, lets not forget this whole area is nothing but asbestos! When they start digging that up I see a great class action suit, that might help. Personally I think its already a done deal or Parker would be looking elsewhere.

  22. Kim Norman

    An election was held. Only one issue was presented. The people overwhelmingly voted “NO on E”.
    If the voice of the people is spoken through the ballot box, there should be no need for further argument over this open space.

  23. Leisha Freitas

    I strongly oppose the golf course rezoning proposal. High density housing will have a profoundly negative impact on our community, in multiple ways.

  24. Miguel Reiman

    El Dorado Hills needs to be in charge of its own destiny instead of an ATM for Placerville. Citrus Heights told Sacramento County to pound sand and it seems to be working pretty well for them. We should do the same.

    • Jim Pridemore


      Thanks. Do you have any references to the Citrus Heights issue so we can be better informed?


  25. Maintz

    Think about all the money-under-the-table that’s keeping this proposal alive. Our Supervisors are supposedly our representatives, not just more corrupt charlatans.

    • Jim Pridemore


      Oh how I wish we had the proof of this!


  26. Marisela Buehrle

    If this re-zone does go through, I and my neighbors will be sure to spread the word to vote out anyone who supported it as well as boycotting any businesses that have backed them. Politicians listen to money and we will speak with a loud voice.

    • Jim Pridemore

      Thank you Marisela, love your stern approach. We need more of that from the people who live here!! Bravo!

      Thank You,



    My husband and I will be using the formal comment form with very specific questions regarding this Central EDH Specific Plan EIR and remember to start your questions with one of these phrases: Please show… Please provide….and the the best one is Please analyze…..
    will send directly to Mel Pabalinas, Senior Planner, or mail to him at 2850 Fairlane court, Building C, Placerville, CA 95667 and copy clerk at Planning Commission Board.

    • Jim Pridemore

      Thank you Charlet!

  28. Joyce Naffziger

    The Board of Supervisors should be required to stay with the General Plan. This includes keeping the empty golf course area as a park and recreation area. El Dorado Hills already has too many more houses going up than the highways can handle. Like most people who moved here, we chose El Dorado Hills to build and live in 23 yrs. ago to get away from traffic and congestion. Who are these people voting to make this area like Sacramento and the Bay Area?

    • Jim Pridemore


      In my opinion, based on what I have seen and heard, the County is having difficulty with their budget, i.e., too much spending and not enough revenue. It appears their first choice for revenue it to build more houses, which brings in property tax revenue. Unfortunately, the cost to provide services is more than the revenue, so that blows that option. The other source of revenue would be sales tax from the people who live in the new homes. Have you been to Town Center and seen all the empty business space or the Business Park and seen all the empty buildings? In Town Center the rent is so high, people cannot afford to stay in business. There is no real plan to bring people to the Business Park, as I can see. So, what you are seeing is a plan or lack of plan to make the County healthy. The single and short sighted Board of Supervisors don’t appear to know how to run the County without continuing to build, build, build. Of course, the big winner is the Developer who has control over the County and Supervisors. Without disrupting this path of greed and incompetence, I am afraid we will continue to spiral down this path that will bring us to the same issues faced in the Bay Area, LA, etc. In recent years, grass roots movements have appeared to fight this, but they do not have the critical mass to make much difference. A few people are working tirelessly for little reward. We need people to help with these grass roots movements.

      Thank you for your comments.


  29. Ray Myers

    El Dorado Hills has since it’s inception has been treated as a stepchild of the County. Parker Development has not shown in the past that EDH as a community comes first. Therefore, based on their track record I would assume their development plans would not be the most desirable. Additional development can have positives but my belief is that more negatives would come from a Parker/County agreement. I think all were very disappointed in Supervisor Mikulaco’s comments at the public meeting. He said he would have to wait and see as to what position he would take. So our local representation doesn’t appear to be fighting for us either. The open area is zoned OPEN SPACE RECREATIONAL and utilizing the area for just that could make this an even greater community.

    • Jim Pridemore

      Agreed. Thank you. We will have to wait and see what our Supervisors think.

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