County Website, Made Easier To Navigate and Read

If you go to the county website for this project, you will see gobbledgook.  Not sure why it is not user friendly, perhaps to discourage people from using it?

Here is a list of the attachments from the website.  (Note: when you click on a link the file will be downloaded onto your computer where you can open it for viewing)

1. 2A – Attachment 5(1)-Draft EIR-Appendices A-L PC 12-12-19 (638 pages a quick scan shows most of this documentation is out of date and goes as far back as 2007)

2. 2B – Attachment 5(3)-Final EIR Appendix L-Attachment PC 12-12-19  (May 16, 2017 Traffic Study, 209 pages)

3. 2C – Staff Memo 12-09-19 (Information on Commission Requested Discussion Topics) PC 12-12-19, (12/9/2019, 14 Pages)

Why are the Pedregal Planning Area and Serrano Westside Planning Area not being
processed as separate projects?
• County inventory of multi-family land area, current regional housing needs allocation for
the County, report back on County staff and applicant discussions on the inclusion of
affordable housing in the project.
• Traffic impact analysis overview, including the impacts of the Country Club Drive and
turning movement level of service (LOS) at intersections.
• Overview of the Development Agreement (DA) and input on whether the DA
commitments apply to subsequent developers and consideration of adjustments to the
Community Benefit Fee and dwelling unit triggers for Country Club Drive extension
• Report back on meeting between County staff and El Dorado Hills Community Services
District (EDHCSD) on increases in parkland dedication in the Serrano Westside Planning
• Overview of recommended Statement of Overriding Considerations 

4. 2D – Staff Memo 12-09-19 (Technical Analysis-Final EIR Appendix L) PC 12-12-19

5. 2E – Staff Memo Attachment-Transportation Impact Analysis-Oct 2015 PC 12-12-19 NOTE: This is out of date, 2015

6. 2F – Staff Memo Attachment-Appendix A-Existing Conditions Technical Calculations PC 12-12-19 (Existing Conditions Technical Calculations All Traffic Data, Out of Date March 2015)

7. 2G – Staff Memo Attachment-Appendix A-Cumulative Technical Calculations PC 12-12-19, (APPENDIX A: Cumulative Technical Calculations (Updated October 2015) Traffic Data – 93 Pages)

8. 2H – Staff’s Powerpoint Presentation PC 12-12-19,

9. 2I – Applicant’s Powerpoint Presentation PC 12-12-19,

10. Public Comment Rcvd 12-11-19 to 12-12-19 PC 12-12-19  (Miscellaneous public comments – 49 pages)

11. Public Comment Rcvd 12-11-19 PC 12-12-19 (Review of Critical Traffic Issues in Latest Traffic Analyses for Proposed Revision to Central – 9 pages)

12. Public Comment Rcvd 12-09-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment Laura Patane, Carole Braverman, Sharon Nunes, Bill Osgood)

13. Email Petitions 12-01-19 to 12-08-19 PC 12-12-19, (83 pages of Email Petitions)

14. Public Comment Rcvd 12-06-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Ray Cavanagh, Shirley and Walter Sikes and Diane Gross)

15. Public Comment Rcvd 12-05-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Rakesh Sethi and Albert & Paula Autry)

16. Public Comment Rcvd 12-04-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Sheryl Sage)

17. Public Comment Rcvd 12-03-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Dr. Gene Gowdey, Member, Board of Directors Elms, Oaks, and Willows Homeowner’s Association — Promontory Village 8. )

18. Public Comment Rcvd 11-27-19 to 12-02-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Kerry Marini, Natalie Marini , Karen Brown, John Bowles, Sherrie Bunk-Petersen and John Moreno)

19. Email Petitions 11-24-19 to 12-01-19 PC 12-12-19, (48 pages of Email Petitions)

20. Public Comment Rcvd 11-20-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Kenny Croyle)

21. Public Comment Rcvd 11-18-19 PC 12-12-19, (Public comment from Dean Getz regarding CEDHSP’s Proposed Sidestepping of Serrano’s CC&Rs )

22. Email Petitions 11-17-19 to 11-24-19 PC 12-12-19, (347 pages of Email Petitions)

23. A – Staff Report PC 11-14-19, (RECOMMENDATION: Staff recommends that the Planning Commission review the staff report, receive public comment, recommend certification of the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan Final EIR, and direct staff on recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding the CEDHSP. )

24. B – Attachment 1-Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan PC 11-14-19, (398 pages)

25. C – Attachment 2-Proposed Edts to Specific Plan PC 11-14-19, (ATTACHMENT 2 PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE TEXT OF THE CENTRAL EL DORADO HILLS SPECIFIC PLAN (CEDHSP) – 43 pages)

26. D – Attachment 3-Draft Public Facilities Financing Plan PC 11-14-19, (dated April 2017 – 77 pages)

27. E – Attachment 4-Draft Development Agreement PC 11-14-19, (COMMUNITY BENEFIT AND DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT – 24 Pages)

28. F – Attachment 5(1)-Draft Environmental Impact Report PC 11-14-19,

29. G – Attachment 5(2)-Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report PC 11-14-19,

30. H – Attachment 5(3)-Final Environmental Impact Report PC 11-14-19,

31. I – Attachment 6-General Plan Consistency Analysis PC 11-14-19,

32. J – Attachment 7-Fiscal Impact Analysis PC 11-14-19,

33. K – Attachment 8-CEQA Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations PC 11-14-19,

34. L – Attachment 9-Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program PC 11-14-19,

35. M – Staff Report Exhibits A-K PC 11-14-19,

36. N – Notification Map PC 11-14-19,

37. O – Notification Map-Sacramento County Detail PC 11-14-19,

38. P – Proof of Publication-Mountain Democrat PC 11-14-19,

39. Q – PowerPoint Presentation PC 11-14-19,

40. R – Applicant’s PowerPoint Presentation PC 11-14-19,

41. Public Comment Rcvd 11-14-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comments from Richard Ross and Kevin A. Loewen)

42. Public Comment Rcvd 11-12-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comments from Albert and Paula Autry  and John Burns)

43. Public Comment Rcvd 11-07-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comments from Lisa Plummer, Renee Gilpen, Drew Gilpen, Sara Adams, and Eric & Becky Brandon)

44. Public Comment Rcvd 11-06-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comments from Angela Martin and Neal Takahashi)

45. Public Comment Rcvd 11-05-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comment from Cam Squires)

46. Public Comment Rcvd 11-04-19 PC 11-14-19, (Comment from Susan Hansen)

47. Public Comment Rcvd 10-30-19 PC 11-14-19 (Comments from Nathan and Julia Roos, and Stephen Miller)