4 Replies to “CSD and Parker Development Negotiations”

  1. I am confident from a reliable source, there is no negotiation going on between CSD and Parker. The negotiations were all stall tactics and Parker Development has not performed per the agreement which included each side getting appraisals. CSD has moved on because they cannot forgo other opportunities. They are stalling by proposing all sorts of development plans that are allowed under current zoning (Water Park, hotels, and more) . It is my opinion they have no intention of any of that and it is all stall tactics to get past the election, when John Hidahl can vote however he wants without repercussion since he will be termed out after this election. I think we should put pressure on John to voice his position on the approval of the rezone and if he won’t consider voting for Briggs, who I also understand may not be ideal candidate. The later part f this post is my opinion. The part about negotiations between CSD and Parker is from reliable source. Negotiations are OVER! CSD will NOT be buying this despite best efforts to do so.

    1. Thanks Mark. Still lots of uncertainty here. Let’s hope for the best for our community’s sake.

  2. Let us all hope Parker/Serrano Associates will be reasonable to allow CSD to purchase the Old Golf Course at their original purchase price which was zoned for “recreational” Open Space plus small profit for the good of the current EDH community plus all EDCounty future generations.

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