Board of Supervisor meeting 4-13-2021 where the Green Zone Resolution was discussed.

Following are the key points of the meeting. Included herein is a link to a video of the meeting followed by a chart of the speakers/topics and their location in the video:

(1)    TO PROTECT THE OLD EXECUTIVE GOLF COURSE AS A COMMUNITY RESOURCE, please write to the Board of Supervisors now. If you want to have a voice in the development of your community,  oppose designating any land  in the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan (CEDHSP) as a “Green Zone.” 

(2)    A “Green Zone” designation does not mean keeping land green; it flags the land for fast track infill development. Such a designation for the golf course is inconsistent with the General Plan and zoning.

(3)    “By mistake,”  the El Dorado County Planning Department included the Old Executive Golf Course in the Green Zone plan presented for a vote to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) on April 13, 2021.  Many concerned county residents saw this “mistake” as a backdoor to a development that the community has clearly opposed. These residents contacted their supervisors.

(4)    The BOS did send the proposed Green Zone plan back to County Planning to remove the Golf Course, but some areas of the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan may remain when the revised plan is submitted to  the BOS on May 4.

(5)    As residents of El Dorado County,  we have the General Plan and zoning for many reasons, including the right of residents to have a voice in planning.   Changes require public processes like specific plans. No shortcuts, like a Green Zone for land in the CEDHSP, are acceptable. 

(6)  This proposal is premature, fraught with inaccuracies and misconceptions.  It was brought to the Board of Supervisors quickly and poorly documented.  For example, at this point, there is no project for a grant application.  This is just laying the groundwork for the County to propose something in the future that would come before the Board to ask permission to even submit a grant application.  According to the spokesperson at the Department of Transportation, they are more concerned about getting the transportation dollars.  

(7)    Please write to your supervisor(s) and ask them to deny this project.  We need to demand transparency and accountability.

John Hidahl:

George Turnboo:

Wendy Thomas:

Lori Parlin:

Sue Novasel:

General Public Comments:

Link to Meeting Video Follows

We have provided this link to the Board of Supervisors video of the meeting held on April 13, 2021.  This link is of the complete meeting but you can go to various portions of the meeting by going to the time locations noted in the following table.

Time Location in Video
0:50:24Raphael Martinez Director of Transportation
0:50:57What the project is NOT
Not SB-35 Planning and zoning: affordable housing: streamlined approval process.
0:52:25Definition of “Green Means Go” from the website
0:58:06Natalie Porter Department of Transportation
Assembly Bill 1209 – This is a proposed bill from Assemblyman McCarty
Bill has not been approved, they are going through this process to “potentially” get grant money in the future
Even if the bill is approved, that does not mean we will get grant money
1:04:03Wendy Thomas
Background information relative to the project
1:09:32Lori Parlin
Lori presents a litany of problems and issues associated with this project.
1:17:52Discussion around clarity of the project
1:21:58Woodrow Delorio El Dorado County Transportation Authority
Stipulate the the County retails local control of Land Use Authority
1:24:11Lori Parlin
1:27:28Wendy Thomas
1:28:55General Discussion
1:37:15Public Comments Begin
1:37:36Tom Fox
1:41:03Richard Perrin
1:43:44J Kysar-Carey
1:44:45Robert Williams
1:48:01Sue Taylor
1:53:35James Corless
1:56:30Ken Greenwood
1:58:34John Richard
2:02:24Sue W
2:06:59Melissa Velasco
2:09:48Laura Patane
2:13:15T Grossman
2:14:27A. Bertram
2:17:42L. Alvarez
2:20:37Noelle Mattock
2:24:03Michael Saragosa
2:27:26Bob Hendricks
2:29:57Kris Payne
2:37:27Heather Siefkes
2:38:21End of Public Comments, Board Discussion and Roll Call for Vote
2:56:39End of Meeting