Parks Not Parker Issues Residents’ Vision For Use of Old Golf Course Property.

Click Here to see the El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course Vision Version 3 I hope by now, you have heard about Measure E, placed on the ballot for the November 3 election. Measure E is simply an advisory vote to determine the feeling about how EDH CSD voters feel about turning the Old Golf […]

Take a Look At The Ballot Text on Measure E.

Some of you may have seen an earlier version of this where the “Impartial Analysis” was totally wrong.  As soon as the CSD saw this, they took action to correct it, so the following section “Impartial Analysis” is now correct. Click Here to see the Full Text of Measure E

Once it is developed, it is gone forever!

Once it is developed, it is gone forever! If the El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course (EDHEGC) is developed, it will remove one of the last truly open space areas from the El Dorado Hills environment. In short, once it is developed, it is gone forever. Please note, about 11,000 residential units are either being […]

Thoughts On The Issue of Rezoning and Other Developer Shenanigans

The attached document provides some thoughts on rezoning by Ellison Rumsey, a 30 year resident and currently serves on the El Dorado County Community Services District (EDHCSD)  Design Review Committee and was a past CSD Board Member.  This document provides insight about past Developer shenanigans and the negative impact on property owner values as a […]

Historical Perspective of Voting NO on Measure E

This is a first in a series of articles designed to bring El Dorado Hills voters up to date on the background, issues and progress being made on Measure E, which will be on the ballot for November 3, 2015. Measure E states: Should the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors re-zone the approximately 100 […]

We Are Moving Forward Preserving the Old EDH Executive Golf Course as Open Space!!

At their regular monthly meeting on Thursday July 9th, the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) voted 4-0 (with Billy Vandegrift abstaining) to approve 3 documents related to preserving the old EDH Executive Golf Course as Open Space. The first document approved was a Board resolution defining the purpose for submitting the ballot measure

Agenda for the CSD Board of Directors Regular Meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 9, 2015, at 6:30pm.

Please note the location of the meeting is the Gymnasium of Valley View Elementary School, located at 1665 Blackstone Parkway, El Dorado Hills. Please attend this meeting if you are interested in keeping the old El Dorado Hills Golf Course from being rezoned to high density residential.  The Advisory Vote and related documents will be […]