Creekside Villages Development plan

Here is a synopsis of the Creekside Villages Development Plan written by Bob Hendricks, President of Blackstone Homeowners Association:

Creekside Villages is a new residential development planned in the Business Park across from Blackstone.

The project plans to put 926 units on a small 200 acre parcel of land in the Business Park.

The lot sizes are 45×100 and 55×100.

They stated that the homes would be single family and townhomes, but also said they would be “affordable starter homes”. When pressed on what that meant, they stated that they hope to be less than the current lower priced homes in El Dorado Hills, which I stated was probably in the $500k range.

Suggesting that these would be less than that caused me to ask if these were going to be low-income housing and they responded that these would not be “income restricted”. Not sure exactly what that meant or if it answered my question.

They were not sure where the children would go to elementary, but if I understood their response, it sounds like Brooks elementary. For high school, it would be Union Mine or Ponderosa.

They will have two entries onto Latrobe, one at Avanti Dr., and one at Royal Oaks, but only Royal Oaks will have a stoplight. They also would use roadways west to White Rock Rd. We spent several minutes asking about traffic issues, especially since all these homes flow into Latrobe or White Rock Rd.

I also asked why this project was being planned, adding 926 homes in that location when Folsom Ranch, just over the hill in Folsom, is building 10,000 new homes.

I started a petition to stop this project, for three specific reasons:

1) the county was changing the general plan and rezoning commercial property in the Business Park to residential

2) the impact to our local elementary schools, which are all beyond capacity now

3) the obvious traffic implications. The traffic implications are not just Latrobe, which will impact Blackstone Residents, but also neighboring communities that rely on White Rock Rd. and every community that (at a point in the future once we get the virus under control) will rely on an already overcrowded freeway commute. How long before your 30 minute drive takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours?

If you feel as I do, then I would ask that you sign my petition and I will continue to keep you posted with updates. The link to the petition is at:

Rezone Project Needs to go to Planning Without Further Delay.

To all El Dorado County and especially El Dorado Hills residents.   Please use the following information to send your request to the Planning Commissioners to avoid any further delays in the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan project. See Request for Delay.

Since this is the fourth request for delay, and the project has been on the books for over seven years, we believe this is a tactic used by the Applicant to delay the project until the majority of the Board of Supervisors are in favor of the project.

Write to the Planning Commission.

Please use the following template to send an email to your planning commissioners to request they do not approve any further delays.


Dear Commissioners,

As a tax-paying resident of El Dorado County, I’m concerned about the lack of progress on the county’s discretionary review of the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan (CEDHSP).

The commission has not advanced this project following the latest public hearing on January 13, 2020. Since then, three continuances were requested and granted to the Applicant, Serrano Associates LLC, who is now requesting an indefinite forth continuance “for further analysis of potential impacts associated with Vehicle Mile Traveled (VMT)”.

The sequence of these delays is troubling and appears to be based on the Applicant’s goal of project approval rather than legitimate need.

This project has been pending for more than seven years. The residents deserve answers. I strongly urge the Planning Commission to avoid any further delays.


Your name and address

El Dorado Hills


Yes, I would love to help my neighbors fight against this project, it seems there are not many benefits for residents in El Dorado Hills and the rest of the County.

Volunteer Help Needed

The  team needs volunteer help ASAP.  These are purely voluntary positions and will last from 2 to 6 months (part time or full time, or just do what you can) depending on how effective we are at making the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan (CEDHSP) a win/win for the County and the Applicant.  At this point in the process there are many issues with the project and we are working to mitigate those issues so we need help in the following areas.

  • Document Analysis – We are looking for community volunteers to review documents for errors and inconsistencies in this projects’s documentationThe goal of this analysis is to determine how the project documentation and content can be improved to provide the best benefit to the community, and to the applicant.  We will provide much needed help for the El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (APAC) which is reviewing the documents to insure their accuracy before they are presented to the El Dorado County Planning Commission (Planning Commission) for their review.  It is imperative these documents contain accurate and vetted information before the Planning Commission submits their recommendations to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors (BOS)  for their vote on the project.
    • Skills required
      • Detail oriented
      • Ability to simplify complex written prose
      • Ability to understand spreadsheets
      • Ability to collaborate in small groups
      • Self starter
      • Ability to get things done in a short period of time with minimal supervision
    • Needed as soon as possible
  • Marketing  – We want to utilize social media, newspapers, email and US Postal service mailings to notify the EDH public about the project and to get their input.  Back in 2015 Measure E on the ballot resulted in 91% of the registered voters who voted were against the project.  Now the Developer is pushing forward and the project is in the hands of the Planning Commission.  We want to inform and remind every EDH resident of the implications of this project on their quality of life so they can voice their concerns.
    • Skills required
      • Effective written and oral communication skills
      • Facebook Publishing Tools and Facebook Ad Center knowledge and application
      • Email Marketing skills such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp
      • Digital graphics skills
      • WordPress post creation
      • Self starter
      • Ability to get things done in a short period of time with minimal supervision
    • Needed as soon as possible

These are voluntary positions.  Your reward will be a positive impact on this community now and for generations to come.

Please submit the following information:

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” – Nelson Mandela

This post is to encourage all of you who voted against the rezone of the old EDH Golf Course in 2015 to act NOW.

This post is to encourage all of you (1600) who voted against the rezone of the old EDH Golf course on this website to act NOW.

It may seem the cards are stacked against us, and they are. I have been watching what has been going on in this community since I moved here in 2011 and my takeaway is that this community is overtaken by apathy.

I like to say, we all know there is a silent majority in America, unfortunately they all live in EDH.

I see people complaining and venting about everything that is wrong with the community, bad roads, school overcrowding, so on and so on. Plenty complaints, very little action. All of the action comes from very few concerned citizens that actually volunteer to do something while the rest of us sit back and complain while we watch our quality of life slowly erode.

Parker Development wants to take a huge piece of prime property, which they own, and which has been zone open space/recreational from the 1960’s and should stay that way, and turn it into more than 700 homes. As a good friend of mine says, “Parker gets the gold mine and we get the shaft”.

My question to you, fellow resident, are we going to let that happen? I am afraid the answer is a resounding YES. Why? Because of the big A word, Apathy. There are a hand full of people silently working to stop this development but I am afraid it is too little too late.

I have a petition on to stop the rezone where over 1300 neighbors have signed. I have put a poll on Nextdoor asking if they are against the rezone and over 1600 have said “YES”.

This is all well and good, but we need a much stronger show of strength and commitment against the rezone. I have done as much as I can and others have also been proactive against this fight but it is not enough. Our fate is in the hands of the 5 Supervisors on the County Board of Supervisors. It takes 3 out of 5 to decide our fate, and it is NOT looking good. It seems the Supervisors who are not directly associated with EDH could care less and want this project to go through because it will be a “cash cow” for the rest of the County. EDH is already a cash cow.

Of the other three Supervisors, the general feeling is that two of them do not want this project to go through. That leaves our Supervisor, John Hidahl, who was elected based on his well documented opposition to the project.

I know John and I worked closely with him when he initiated Measure E in 2015 where an advisory vote of 91% of the registered voters in EDH voted against this project. Now I am hearing from some close to John that he wants to vote FOR this project. I don’t know if what I have heard is true, but they are reliable sources and it scares me and should scare you.

I know there are small groups working throughout the community to resist this project. I believe that what we need is a “champion or leader” to pull these groups together and organize them into one cohesive group that can lead this effort with a strong message and voice.

Who will that person be?