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We hope you appreciate that a lot of your neighbors are fighting to help you stop the CEDHSP project and preserve our open space here in El Dorado Hills.  Donations of $100, $200, or more are very much appreciated and help us move this process along, but even $25 or $50 donations are always appreciated

These are some of the things they are doing that require funding to accomplish:

  • Creating and printing flyers
  • Creating lawn signs
  • Maintaining email lists
  • Creating an email petition to notify the County Board of Supervisors of our concerns
  • Maintaining and updating the website and keeping a Facebook and Nextdoor presence
  • Specific Facebook campaigns to reach all of EDH
  • Contacting professional advice on reviewing our CC&R’s for the Serrano HOA.
  • Creating a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporate status for donations going forward