No Rezone

How can you help?  Many people are interested in doing what they can but don’t know where to start. READ MORE HERE! 

If you live in El Dorado Hills, you probably moved here because you loved the open space. Now, developers are trying to rezone a large section of the community in the middle of the town and place up to 1,000 more homes and apartment buildings! 

This is NOT what they sold us when we moved here. Look through this website to learn how we are fighting to SAVE OUR OPEN SPACE!

Check the other links above to sign our petition or order a lawn sign! Let your voice be heard!

The biggest aspect of the development is the attempt to REZONE what was sold as OPEN SPACE- RECREATIONAL and converting it into even more RESIDENTIAL housing!! 

Our community is already sending kids out of the area via buses to schools in Rescue and in Shingle Springs because they haven’t built up the school capacity to support the current growth!

Why complicate this even more by adding another 1,000 houses with an average of 2.8 people per household??

Let’s not turn the green fields and oak trees into a sea of rooftops and cars. You moved here for a reason. Stand up for it! Speak out!