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Rumor has it there are new developments about the Old Golf Course in the works to be announced within the next couple of months.

Let’s be prepared by forming a strong coalition of residents opposed to the development of housing on our currently zoned open space, specifically the Old El Dorado Hills Executive Golf Course. Please join our mailing list to keep informed. If you are on the mailing list you will receive emails with the latest developments.

Board of Supervisor meeting 4-13-2021 where the Green Zone Resolution was discussed.

Following are the key points of the meeting. Included herein is a link to a video of the meeting followed by a chart of the speakers/topics and their location in the video:

(1)    TO PROTECT THE OLD EXECUTIVE GOLF COURSE AS A COMMUNITY RESOURCE, please write to the Board of Supervisors now. If you want to have a voice in the development of your community,  oppose designating any land  in the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan (CEDHSP) as a “Green Zone.” 

(2)    A “Green Zone” designation does not mean keeping land green; it flags the land for fast track infill development. Such a designation for the golf course is inconsistent with the General Plan and zoning.

(3)    “By mistake,”  the El Dorado County Planning Department included the Old Executive Golf Course in the Green Zone plan presented for a vote to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) on April 13, 2021.  Many concerned county residents saw this “mistake” as a backdoor to a development that the community has clearly opposed. These residents contacted their supervisors.

(4)    The BOS did send the proposed Green Zone plan back to County Planning to remove the Golf Course, but some areas of the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan may remain when the revised plan is submitted to  the BOS on May 4.

(5)    As residents of El Dorado County,  we have the General Plan and zoning for many reasons, including the right of residents to have a voice in planning.   Changes require public processes like specific plans. No shortcuts, like a Green Zone for land in the CEDHSP, are acceptable. 

(6)  This proposal is premature, fraught with inaccuracies and misconceptions.  It was brought to the Board of Supervisors quickly and poorly documented.  For example, at this point, there is no project for a grant application.  This is just laying the groundwork for the County to propose something in the future that would come before the Board to ask permission to even submit a grant application.  According to the spokesperson at the Department of Transportation, they are more concerned about getting the transportation dollars.  

(7)    Please write to your supervisor(s) and ask them to deny this project.  We need to demand transparency and accountability.

John Hidahl:

George Turnboo:

Wendy Thomas:

Lori Parlin:

Sue Novasel:

General Public Comments:

Link to Meeting Video Follows

We have provided this link to the Board of Supervisors video of the meeting held on April 13, 2021.  This link is of the complete meeting but you can go to various portions of the meeting by going to the time locations noted in the following table.

Time Location in Video
0:50:24Raphael Martinez Director of Transportation
0:50:57What the project is NOT
Not SB-35 Planning and zoning: affordable housing: streamlined approval process.
0:52:25Definition of “Green Means Go” from the website
0:58:06Natalie Porter Department of Transportation
Assembly Bill 1209 – This is a proposed bill from Assemblyman McCarty
Bill has not been approved, they are going through this process to “potentially” get grant money in the future
Even if the bill is approved, that does not mean we will get grant money
1:04:03Wendy Thomas
Background information relative to the project
1:09:32Lori Parlin
Lori presents a litany of problems and issues associated with this project.
1:17:52Discussion around clarity of the project
1:21:58Woodrow Delorio El Dorado County Transportation Authority
Stipulate the the County retails local control of Land Use Authority
1:24:11Lori Parlin
1:27:28Wendy Thomas
1:28:55General Discussion
1:37:15Public Comments Begin
1:37:36Tom Fox
1:41:03Richard Perrin
1:43:44J Kysar-Carey
1:44:45Robert Williams
1:48:01Sue Taylor
1:53:35James Corless
1:56:30Ken Greenwood
1:58:34John Richard
2:02:24Sue W
2:06:59Melissa Velasco
2:09:48Laura Patane
2:13:15T Grossman
2:14:27A. Bertram
2:17:42L. Alvarez
2:20:37Noelle Mattock
2:24:03Michael Saragosa
2:27:26Bob Hendricks
2:29:57Kris Payne
2:37:27Heather Siefkes
2:38:21End of Public Comments, Board Discussion and Roll Call for Vote
2:56:39End of Meeting

What? No Heads up for the EDH Community!

Note: This was posted on the EDH Nextdoor website just a few hours ago and because of that, I consider this to be public knowledge at this point, so I have taken the liberty to publish the full text here on this website with John’s permission.

John Richard Serrano Villages

New activity old Executive Golf Course and Pedregal Planning Area: closer to development. As many of you know, in the past 15 months there has not been much publicly-disclosed activity regarding development of the old Executive Golf Course and the Pedregal Planning Area as proposed by Parker Development (the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan or CEDHSP). The last public hearing was before the Planning Commission at the District Church on January 13, 2020. As you know, the community voiced overwhelming opposition to the CEDHSP at every Planning Commission meeting. Despite this consistent opposition, the El Dorado County Department of Transportation, through Natalie Porter, Senior Traffic Civil Engineer, has submitted a resolution to the Board of Supervisors that designates the CEDHSP area as Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) “Green Zone.” Sounds great, BUT SACOG Green Zones are areas set aside for accelerated infill development. Such a designation sets the stage for the development of the CEDHSP while flying below the radar. Interestingly, the supporting documents provided by the Department of Transportation do not identify the CEDHSP area once….only the El Dorado Hills Business Park is mentioned. Nevertheless, without any supporting documentation or other mention of developing the old golf course, the CEDHSP is designated a Green Zone via a map that is part of the resolution. You can see everything here:

The Board of Supervisors is meeting tomorrow, 4/13/21, to vote on this issue. I find the resolution before the Board of Supervisors to be disingenuous at best. Designating the CEDHSP as a SACOG Green Zone sets the stage to rationalize development of the old Executive Golf Course as a “green” measure consistent with area-wide government mandates. The reality is this is a back-door push forward for a project facing stiff community opposition. Further, such a Green Zone designation is inconsistent with the General Plan and current zoning. (The General Plan designates the old golf course as “open space” and current zoning allows recreational facilities.) If the CEDHSP is designated a Green Zone by the Board of Supervisors, stopping development of the old golf course will be very difficult. I urge you to make your voice heard on this matter. Do not let the Board of Supervisors designate the old Executive Golf Course as an area set aside for infill development. Write your Supervisor today–time is of the essence to get your voice heard and your comment made public because the vote is tomorrow. The Green Zone resolution is Agenda Item #20. At the very least, simply let your supervisors know that you oppose Agenda Item #20 of the 4/13/2021 Meeting of the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors:

John Hidahl:

George Turnboo:

Wendy Thomas:

Lori Parlin:

Sue Novasel:

General Public Comments: The El Dorado Hills Area Planning Advisory Committee (APAC) has already sent a letter in opposition to the resolution naming the CEDHSP area as a Green Zone. I chair the APAC subcommittee reviewing the CEDHSP.

Creekside Villages Development plan

Here is a synopsis of the Creekside Villages Development Plan written by Bob Hendricks, President of Blackstone Homeowners Association:

Creekside Villages is a new residential development planned in the Business Park across from Blackstone.

The project plans to put 926 units on a small 200 acre parcel of land in the Business Park.

The lot sizes are 45×100 and 55×100.

They stated that the homes would be single family and townhomes, but also said they would be “affordable starter homes”. When pressed on what that meant, they stated that they hope to be less than the current lower priced homes in El Dorado Hills, which I stated was probably in the $500k range.

Suggesting that these would be less than that caused me to ask if these were going to be low-income housing and they responded that these would not be “income restricted”. Not sure exactly what that meant or if it answered my question.

They were not sure where the children would go to elementary, but if I understood their response, it sounds like Brooks elementary. For high school, it would be Union Mine or Ponderosa.

They will have two entries onto Latrobe, one at Avanti Dr., and one at Royal Oaks, but only Royal Oaks will have a stoplight. They also would use roadways west to White Rock Rd. We spent several minutes asking about traffic issues, especially since all these homes flow into Latrobe or White Rock Rd.

I also asked why this project was being planned, adding 926 homes in that location when Folsom Ranch, just over the hill in Folsom, is building 10,000 new homes.

I started a petition to stop this project, for three specific reasons:

1) the county was changing the general plan and rezoning commercial property in the Business Park to residential

2) the impact to our local elementary schools, which are all beyond capacity now

3) the obvious traffic implications. The traffic implications are not just Latrobe, which will impact Blackstone Residents, but also neighboring communities that rely on White Rock Rd. and every community that (at a point in the future once we get the virus under control) will rely on an already overcrowded freeway commute. How long before your 30 minute drive takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours?

If you feel as I do, then I would ask that you sign my petition and I will continue to keep you posted with updates. The link to the petition is at:

Public Comments and Email Petitions Associated With the CEDHSP Project as of 6/11/2020

Most if this information is buried in the County Website for this project, and is quite voluminous.  It is presented here so residents of the County can easily view this information if they wish.

Public Comments

Please note, the following topics reference the items found on the County website here. They have been separated from each other (on the county website they are all crowded together).

Public Comment Rcvd 06-11-20 PC 06-11-20 (Kim Cross)

Public Comment Rcvd 06-10-20 PC 06-11-20 (Sam Morley)

Public Comment Rcvd 06-09-20 PC 06-11-20 (John and Katalin Walcott, Robert McCarthy, Binay & Melissa Ackalloor, Walt and Shirley Sikes, Timothy Tamplin, Lisa Gregerson, Lyle R. Cunningham)

Public Comment Rcvd 06-08-20 PC 06-11-20 (Bonnie Bastian, Jeanette Anderson, Jim Schulz, Jacqualine McCarthy, Somit Joshi, James Pridemore, James Wittrock, Joe Zuccolotto, Michael Jahangiri, Bina Mcconville, Julie A. McIntosh, Mary A Levernier, Leslie Ellwood and Dan Ellyson.)

Public Comment Rcvd 06-04-20 PC 06-11-20 (Eric Fechter) 

Public Comment Rcvd 04-23-20 PC 04-23-20 (Kenny Croyle) 

Public Comment Rcvd 04-22-20 PC 04-23-20 (Eric Fechter) 

Public Comment Rcvd 03-20-20 PC 03-26-20 (Betty January)

Public Comment Rcvd 03-18-20 PC 03-26-20 (Dean Getz) 

Public Comment Rcvd 02-18-20 to 03-09-20 PC 03-26-20 (Leslie Ellwood, Eric Fechter, Dean Getz, Merrilee Posner and Adam Baughman)

Public Comment Rcvd 02-12-20 PC 02-13-20 (Wayne Haug)

Public Comment Rcvd 02-05-20 PC 02-13-20 (Mary Levernier) 

Public Comment Rcvd 02-04-20 PC 02-13-20 (Mary Levernier) 

Public Comment Rcvd 01-14-20 to 01-25-20 PC 02-13-20 (Bonnie & Scott Wolfe, Leslie Ellwood, Bill Wasdyke, Hugh & Lisa Baca, Cheryl Adler, JAMES KERR, Romeo Manzano, Jeffrey Maus, Diane Amerson, Shirley and Walt Sikes, David Kempker, Laura Harling, Diane Seip, David Keneller, Tom Lusi, John Richard, Kristofer Mickelson, Michael Miro, Donn Neher, Susan FaGalde, Merrilee Posner, Georgianne Knight, Sue Cantlin and Cathy and William Kerr.

Public Comment Rcvd 01-13-20 PC 01-13-20 (Phil Richardson, Karen Coomes, Leslie and John Borasi, Phil Caserta, Rebeca Gagetta, Annette Lee, Melissa Swart-Weikel, Richard Slepian, Cory Smart, Steve Lucia, Briana Finley-Link, Emille Smart, Brigit Barnes, Joe and Annette Chinn, Mary Levernier, Ivy Hendy, Hilary Krogh, Amber Forte, Dan Forte, Don Sacco, Cathy Devito, David Kane, Linda Youngs, Casey O’Looney, Nora Koltoff, Betty January, John Burns, Shirley and Walter Sikes, Hugh and Lisa Baca, Judi Oswald, Laura Patane, Charles “Buzz” Nunn, Georgianne Knight and Melinda Peak)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-11-20 to 01-12-20 PC 01-13-20 (Neely Lawton, Rachel Wade, Garth Hoffmann and Andy Schildt)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-10-20 PC 01-13-20 (Jason Reidenbach, Rob and Lisa Burns, Paula Autry, John Davey, Mitchell Peter, Debbie LaBotz and Rusty Everett)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-07-20 PC 01-13-20 (Bryan and Melissa Peebler, Bill Moore, Lawrence Ellsworth, Nathan Miller, Georgianne Knight, Robert Sacco, Jim Lawler, Benjamin Glickman, Flora (no last name), Janet Schultz, Chris and Nancy Engdall, Rob Vomund, Bonnie Bastian, Richard and Roma Turoff and Peggy Zappan)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-07-20 to 01-09-20 PC 01-13-20 (Peggy Zappen, Wanda Hall, Merrilee Posner, Howard Mahoney, Lisa Skube, Rachelle Carson, John Davey, recommends non support of the project, John Richard, Peter Eakland)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-06-20 PC 01-13-20 (Merrilee Posner, John and Chris Modin, Mark Denholm, Leslie Ellwood, Iverne and Jeff Hendy, Briana Finley-Link, Patrick and Debra Lanius)

Public Comment Rcvd 01-02-20 PC 01-13-20 (Gail Kopp and David Daniel) 

Public Comment Rcvd 12-31-19 PC 01-13-20 (Suzane Paullin, Jennie Baggaley)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-23-19 PC 01-13-20 (Donn Neher, Zach Presnal) 

Public Comment Rcvd 12-27-19 PC 01-13-20 (Brett Jakovac)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-12-19 to 12-20-19 PC 01-13-20 John Richard, Gordon Allred, Cathy Devito, Wendy Jones, Kevin Ratliff, Dianne Gross)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-11-19 to 12-12-19 PC 12-12-19 (Miscellaneous public comments – 49 pages)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-11-19 PC 12-12-19 (Review of Critical Traffic Issues in Latest Traffic Analyses for Proposed Revision to Central – 9 pages)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-09-19 PC 12-12-19 (Laura Patane, Carole Braverman, Sharon Nunes, Bill Osgood)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-06-19 PC 12-12-19 (Ray Cavanagh, Shirley and Walter Sikes and Diane Gross)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-05-19 PC 12-12-19 (Rakesh Sethi and Albert & Paula Autry) 

Public Comment Rcvd 12-04-19 PC 12-12-19 (Sheryl Sage)

Public Comment Rcvd 12-03-19 PC 12-12-19 (Dr. Gene Gowdey, Member, Board of Directors Elms, Oaks, and Willows Homeowner’s Association — Promontory Village 8. ) 

Public Comment Rcvd 11-27-19 to 12-02-19 PC 12-12-19 (Kerry Marini, Natalie Marini , Karen Brown, John Bowles, Sherrie Bunk-Petersen and John Moreno) 

Public Comment Rcvd 11-20-19 PC 12-12-19 (Kenny Croyle)

Public Comment Rcvd 11-18-19 PC 12-12-19 (Dean Getz regarding CEDHSP’s Proposed Sidestepping of Serrano’s CC&Rs )

Public Comment Rcvd 11-14-19 PC 11-14-19 (Richard Ross and Kevin A. Loewen)

Public Comment Rcvd 11-12-19 PC 11-14-19 Albert and Paula Autry  and John Burns) 

Public Comment Rcvd 11-07-19 PC 11-14-19 (Lisa Plummer, Renee Gilpen, Drew Gilpen, Sara Adams, and Eric & Becky Brandon) 

Public Comment Rcvd 11-06-19 PC 11-14-19 (Angela Martin and Neal Takahashi)

Public Comment Rcvd 11-05-19 PC 11-14-19 (Cam Squires)

Public Comment Rcvd 11-04-19 PC 11-14-19 (Susan Hansen)

Public Comment Rcvd 10-30-19 PC 11-14-19 (Nathan and Julia Roos, and Stephen Miller)

Email Petitions – caution, large downloads. The text is repetitive, most notable is the volume of residents signing the petition.

Email Petitions 01-12-20 to 01-22-20 PC 02-13-20, 214 petitions 

Email Petitions 01-06-20 to 01-11-20 PC 01-13-20, 263 petitions 

Email Petitions 01-02-20 to 01-05-20 PC 01-13-20, 81 petitions 

Email Petitions 12-22-19 to 01-01-20 PC 01-13-20, 513 petitions

Email Petitions 12-15-19 to 12-22-19 PC 01-13-20, 133 petitions 

Email Petitions 12-08-19 to 12-15-19 PC 01-13-20, 35 petitions 

Email Petitions 12-01-19 to 12-08-19 PC 12-12-19, 83 petitions 

Email Petitions 11-24-19 to 12-01-19 PC 12-12-19, 48 petitions 

Email Petitions 11-17-19 to 11-24-19 PC 12-12-19, 347 petitions F