Back in 2015, Measure E was an advisory vote which was put on the November 3 ballot to obtain public input on rezoning 100 acres of the former executive golf course in El Dorado Hills from its current land use designation as “open space recreation” to a designation that allows residential housing and commercial development on the property.

The result of the elections was 811 / 8.96% Yes votes versus 8236 / 91.04% No votes which means that 91.04% of the voters opposed rezoning the property to allow residential housing and commercial development.

Since that time in 2015, all has been quiet until October 25, 2019 when the El Dorado County Planning Commission announced a notice of public hearing scheduled for 11/14/2019. This late notice during the holiday season is a familiar tactic of the Developer to catch the community off guard. This is an unfair practice in our view. What this means is that the Developer has all his ducks lined up and sprung this announcement on an unorganized and ill prepared populace. This quickly prepared website is just one line of defense against these despicable tactics by the developer.

The underhanded part of these tactics is that the developer is snubbing the 91% vote of the residents that are against the rezone.

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  1. Is there a way to petition to county planning department to put all general plan amendments on hold until the new general plan is completed. I believe a new one is due in 2 years?

    1. Thank you Kim. Would you mind asking your address, just want to make sure you are a resident of EDH. Thank you!

  2. I would really like to help in any way possible I’ve donated what’s currently possible but I do not want to stop there, please let me know how I can join or help!! This is something I truly believe in and am passionate about. My parents divorced while I was young I spent most of my childhood in lotus, moved to eldorado hills, placerville, Cameron park and then back to eldorado hills, my family, my husband’s family and now I are through and through familiar with the area and the recent years of development have been frustrating and disgusting not know what to do or scared there wasn’t enough people feeling this way. Thankful as all hell to know there are and will do anything I can to help. Thank you so so so much.

  3. I know of another HOA that is being sued for not following their own rules/regulations/ CCRs. Is this a trend among HOAs to do this and towards what end?

    Seems this is alot of ‘illegal’ activity.. and the only benefits are lawyers ???

    Yes I am a resident of El Dorado County.

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