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The proposed AMAZON WAREHOUSE off Latrobe RD is being “quietly” fast-tracked without going through conventional steps of approval by the Planning Commission AFTER a thorough traffic impact report USING CURRENT TRAFFIC MODELS, not some from 20 years ago. We need the public to pressure the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission to do the “right” thing and do a full LEGAL building ordinance verification and community feedback and neighborhood impact report. 

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Letters Against Project Frontier 4.1.23

We need your personal email/letters to the Board of Supervisors, Planning Director, Planning Commission, and County Attorney regarding the Planning Director’s inappropriate R&D zoning designation, the inappropriate conditional use permit jurisdiction, the misleading traffic study and the lack of an open process for the review of all environmental impacts. We must demand that the supervisors move jurisdiction from the Planning Department to the Planning Commission!  Here are some suggested points to address:


  1. Tell the supervisors that the County’s R&D zoning does not allow this business type. 

The County defines R&D zoning as follows:

“The R&D, research and development zone is intended to provide areas for the location of high technology, non-polluting manufacturing plants, research and development facilities, corporate and industrial offices, and support service facilities in a rural or campus like setting, such as a business park environment.”

The parcel’s R&D zoning does not allow Frontier’s proposed use because there is no nonpolluting manufacturing plant, no high technology, no research and development, no service facility and no “campus setting” or “business park environment.” 

2. Tell the supervisors that only the industrial Heavy (IH) zoning designation matches Frontier’s business type.

The County’s IH zone definition is for more intensive industrial uses like “…bulk handling, storage warehousing and trucking…” This category is for uses, “…likely to generate significant levels of truck traffic, noise, pollution, vibration, dust, fumes, odors…”. The IH zone requires a conditional use permit for any use that will “…pose a safety hazard or produce particulate matter…”, like Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM). It states that these IH districts, which Frontier fits into are “…unsuitable adjacent to residential neighborhoods…”  Regarding trucks it adds that “…Activity at heavy industrial sites consists predominantly of trucks…”. This the primary activity associated with Frontier’s plan.

3. Tell Planning Director Karen Garner County Code 130.50.030 (review authority) requires that jurisdiction for the conditional use permit (CUP) must be moved to the Planning Commission for complex projects.   

The applicant wants a CUP to build a 100’ building instead of the 50’ maximum allowed. The code states that complex projects are to be determined by the Planning Commission, not a ministerial approval by a staff level zoning administrator.  

4. Tell the supervisors that the environmental impact reports the developer cites are old and inadequate. 

Even if the zoning were correct, a new EIR would be needed. Frontier Project is expected to declare that there are no negative environmental impacts. 

5. Tell the supervisors that the traffic study should be dismissed. 

The study makes traffic level assumptions based on 2020 data that is inherently inaccurate. 

6. We request that the Board of Supervisors require the project applicant to submit a complete design review application and hold public hearings on the project, now.

We have a Petition on (correct one – there was an earlier one which was changed. BTW: when it’s asking for “DONATIONS”, it for the website, NOT for our cause specifically, so donate responsibly. )

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To  Anna  Leanza   County Planner:  El Dorado County

Subject:    Proposed  Project  Frontier in El Dorado Hills

Ms. Leanza –  I want to voice my objection to Project Frontier which is a proposed industrial development in the southern portion of El Dorado Hills.

I object to this project for the following reasons:

  1. The height exceeds the acceptable limits by over TWICE the standard.
  2. The project is a business that will generate at least 5000 cars and diesel trucks every day and will operate 24 hours a day every single day of the year.  This is totally unacceptable as it is adjacent to two large residential areas and several schools.  The constant exposure to excessive traffic, noise, exhaust fumes and lights will create a hazardous situation to thousands of residents.
  3. A project of this magnitude needs to be located adjacent to I50, I99, or I80 –  NOT a two lane country road.
  4. The area in which the applicant proposes this project is designated for research and development—NOT a massive industrial complex.  Currently small businesses and even small private schools operate in this zone.  It is NOT suitable for this 4.8 million square foot “fulfillment” center.
  5. The initial development plan for this part of El Dorado Hills was created approximately 40 years ago. Our community has undergone extensive development since that time and it is imperative that a full environmental impact study be completed as to the impact on air quality, noise, light, wildlife, and protected species.
  6. We need to ensure that any development in this area does not destroy the historic hunting grounds of multiple Indian Tribes;  as well as their grinding stones and other artifacts currently found in that area.

In summary, this project is harmful to County residents by impacting the quality of life for those who live, work, and recreate in the entire west end of our County.  It harms the rural nature of our County and totally ignores the well-being and health concerns of El Dorado County residents.

I strongly urge you to reject this development.


Donn N.

El Dorado Hills Resident

CC:   Each Member of the Board of Supervisors

       Each Member of the Planning Commission


Supervisor John Hidahl,

I am one of the hundreds of El Dorado Hills residents who just learned about the Project Frontier Application to build an aberrant warehouse/distribution center here. I strenuously object to the project.

The fact that the applicant is attempting to circumvent long-standing county processes designed to ensure that zoning codes and building regulations are followed is despicable. A multi-million square foot facility over 110 feet tall belongs in Oakland or Stockton, NOT in El Dorado Hills! The county may find the prospect attractive from a tax revenue perspective: El Dorado Hills residents DO NOT!

I am confident that the majority of El Dorado Hills residents will support my request that you bring pressure to bear on those involved to ensure that this project receives full scrutiny from the Planning Commission and that any structure meets existing Zoning and building regulations. If not, the developer can take this project down the road.

Thank you.

Mike W.




The Serrano HOA Board of Directors gives “tacit approval” of the CEDHSP without the homeowner’s knowledge or approval. This action resulted in a recall election of the Board. To read the letter signed by Don Sacco, click the graphic below:
HOA Board letter sent Jan. 10, 2020
Serrano HOA Board letter sent Jan. 10, 2020