Form Letters to BOS and Planning Department

Want to write a custom letter expressing your opinions to our Board, but want to make sure to include most of the key points?

Clicking on the link below should download the letter to your hard drive (or wherever you have configured to download documents).  Once downloaded, it can be modified to be printed, attached to an email, or copy and pasted into an email.

Word Document Letter  to Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Mel Pabalinas, Senior Planner

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El Dorado County Board of Supervisors

John Hidahl, District 1     

George Turnboo, District 2

Wendy Thomas, District 3

Lori Parlin, District 4        

Sue Novasel, District 5    


County Planning Commission

Jon Vegna, District 1          

Cheryl Bly-Chester, District 2

John Clerici, District 3        

James Williams, District 4 

Amanda Ross, District 5     

6 Replies to “Form Letters to BOS and Planning Department”

  1. I am extremely opposed to rezoning the EDH golf course for anything but community use. The space should remain open for community and recreational uses. It was zoned for recreation and should stay that way!
    There are so many possibilities for the space that would enhance and benefit the entire community and perhaps bring tourist or recreational dollars in to the area (soccer, event space (weddings?), scaled down golf practice facility (Top Golf?), open space, hiking trails, dog park).
    I would be open to hearing an option that could incorporate a scaled down multi-tenant residential build out ONLY nearest to Highway 50 that allows for the rest of the property to remain open for recreational uses. I really miss the driving range which is one of the reasons we moved here in 2004. Shutting down the golf course is one thing; golf courses can be expensive to operate. However, shutting down the driving range made no sense (that probably was profitable). Converting to some residential profit center for Parker is not acceptable.
    Please do not be swayed by the profit hog Parker and his cronies!!!
    Thank you for your consideration.

    1. Thank you Christine. There are so many of us that agree with you. I see you signed the petition which means John Hidahl has heard from you. Now the ball is in the hands of the 5 Supervisors in the County.

  2. I totally agree with Christine Hammond. How dare they try to put apartments where someone paid a premium for a golf course view. Plus, traffic on Serrano Parkway is already super noisy! My house backs up to Serrano Parkway and I’m already trying to lessen the traffic noise. Additionally, school impaction, traffic on EHD Blvd and the decline of home values are all problems.

      1. Jim, I put this on next door but maybe you could put up heat and spread the word. This is 100% reliable.

        I wanted to add a bit of interesting news. I learned from reliable source that Parker treats CSD with disdain and does not work with them at any level in good faith.

        I also was told that it seems John Hidahl is working hard to make this project economically feasible and viable for the county so that it can move forward.

        This is from a person or persons working directly with Parker and Mr Hidahl but on our side. This is all the more reason to withhold your vote for Mr. Hidahl in the March primary so we can ensure there will be an alternative candidate come November. It’s political accountability. If he opposes the rezone, throw your vote behind him if you wish. If he votes in favor, it’s a big NO for those against the rezone.

        1. Thanks Mark. No offense, but I won’t personally spread the word because at this point it is third hand and we all know what happens if you pass information from unverified sources. I will, however, leave your comment for all to see.

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