Frontier Project – Building a monstrous sized warehouse off Latrobe Dr. in EDH

There is a new building project proposed in El Dorado Hills in the “Business District”, It is almost 5 million square feet!! Have you seen the IKEA building (265,000 sq feet) in Sacramento? This would dwarf it. More than 18 IKEAS could fit inside of it!!

They are keeping this quiet and trying to bypass the traditional route of having a public hearing, publicly talking about it and doing current traffic studies, and making sure any variances to the EDC Building Codes AREN’T violated.

As it turns out, this will be a 10-story building! It will be larger than typically approved for the land space available. The traffic is estimated to be well over 5,000 extra truck or van trips a day 24×7 driving through our neighborhoods and local streets.

Finally, the Zoning is not R&D. Having an Amazon warehouse is not R&D!! This will irreversibly affect the neighborhood, and the rural nature of EDH, destroy the open space, and create traffic nightmares for south EDH. It is critical to write the Planning Commission, The Board of Supervisors, and the EDH Planning Directors, and let them know you DISAPPROVE of this project!

Their addresses can be found on this website here.

More info here:

The actual website for the project is:

Residential Proximity to Environmental Hazards and Adverse Health Outcomes

Health concerns over building a gas station on Silva Valley Parkway near a school, or placing a park alongside the freeway

Both of these have been options suggested by the developers in EDH who wish to build up El Dorado Hills [CEDHSP and the Costco build-out proposals].

All adding to the congestion, additional traffic, school crowding and more. 

To learn more about the health risks of building parks, or having schools near highways or gas stations next to schools or homes, read this article titled: Residential Proximity to Environmental Hazards  and Adverse Health Outcomes.  

It’s time the community speaks up before it’s too late! Let’s preserve our open space for our families and future generations to enjoy!