Order Yard Signs


For a $10 DONATION  or more, you can have the option of having a sign delivered to your home. It is a double-sided sign for your front yard. NOTE: the wording on the signs may vary slightly. (For your convenience, we accept Paypal and Credit Cards.) If you don’t wish to receive a sign, click the Donation Only link below. 

 To order a Lawn Sign:

Please click Add to Cart first, then, on the “click here” words below to take you to the checkout.

(You can modify the number of signs on that page or request just one and make the rest a donation. Just be sure to click  Update cart.)

If you wish to make a Donation Only, click HERE.


SELECT the amount of your DONATION by clicking on the arrow to the right of the 1 amount shown above to make a donation of $20, $100, or more, simply click on the amount above to change it. 

After clicking “Add to cart”, click here to check-out.