Keep your will to fight against the development of the EDH Old Executive Golf Course.

This group is one willing to fight against the Developer’s continued push to build on the El Dorado Hills old Executive Golf Course. If he succeeds, the quality of life in EDH will be in jeopardy. Please don’t lose your will to fight against this development as it will soon be at your doorstep.

Don’t forget, over 1,900 of you signed the petition to stop the rezone here on this website.  We appreciate your support and may call on you again in the future.


Thank you!

Thank you all for your participation and support on this website, on and on the Facebook page.

Thanks to you we have quickly reached over 1200 signed petitions on this website to “say NO to the rezone”.


Additionally, we have a poll posted on Nextdoor that has resulted in 87 percent of you who are against the rezone.

That tracks well with the voter turnout in 2015.


Please enjoy your Thanksgiving!!