Keep your will to fight against the development of the EDH Old Executive Golf Course.

This group is one willing to fight against the Developer’s continued push to build on the El Dorado Hills old Executive Golf Course. If he succeeds, the quality of life in EDH will be in jeopardy. Please don’t lose your will to fight against this development as it will soon be at your doorstep.

Don’t forget, over 1,900 of you signed the petition to stop the rezone here on this website.  We appreciate your support and may call on you again in the future.


2 Replies to “Keep your will to fight against the development of the EDH Old Executive Golf Course.”

  1. Parker Development has been buying time with stall tactics in negotiating with the CSD for the purchase of the land and to push any decision past the election in November to allow John Hidahl to vote to approve soon AFTER he retains his seat. I hope John does the right thing but I will not vote for him an encourage others to do the same unless he comes out with his position on the rezone prior to the election. I understand he is a fine man and a long time public servant, but if he approves the rezone, he no longer is serving the public of his district but rather the developers of the district.

    As for the negotiations between the CSD and Park Development on the sale of the property to the CSD, Parker Development has been negotiating in bad faith and continues to do so, despite their public statements regarding their willingness to sell it. They do not appear to have any intention to sell it and if past history serves to predict the dealings, the deal was dead on arrival. Park still is obliged to develop more parks for the Serrano developement but have also played games with the CSD for over 20 yrs to get the Bass Lake area park built. Despite CSD being ready to move forward and investing money in preparation to build parks where Parker Development allocaed land to only have him change directions and change the location of the park, wasting CSD money, we still are no closer to the additonal parks today than we were 20 years ago. It is time to hold public officials accountable.

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