Resident Comments at EDC Planning Commission Meeting November 14, 2019

In the El Dorado Planning Commission Meeting November 14, 2019, just before COVID, several concerned residents made comments before the Planning Commission. This meeting was recorded and viewed by a little over 200 times. People don’t have the time to view such long, boring videos, so we created a small video for each concerned resident, about 3 minutes long. This video is of the first speaker, Craig Peterson.

There will be a video of each person speaking at this meeting. Do you ever wonder if the Planning Commission ever acts on these comments or are they a formality check off for the Commission to say they listened to the community? Please leave a comment below.

If you are sick and tired of the County dragging their feet on this project, please purchase a yard sign or send them a letter.

Reason 2 (of many reasons) For Not Approving this Rezone of the Old Golf Course.

In the Draft Development Agreement for the CEDHSP (Golf Course Rezone) this is stated:

“E. The Project will provide neighborhood, community and County-wide benefits, as more fully detailed in this Agreement, including:

1. Fiscally neutral impacts on County services (Section 3.9 and FIA); “

It goes on to say “.. a net negative fiscal impact upon the County General Fund and County Road Fund. Developer and County shall form a community facilities district (“CFD”) or other mutually acceptable financing to generate annual revenues to the County sufficient to eliminate the identified negative fiscal impact to both the County General Fund and the County Road Fund.”

In my opinion, this is not a BENEFIT because in fact, the negative fiscal impact will start at the beginning of the project and over 15 years will amount to a deficit of $4,885,000, and the deficit will continue in perpetuity.

How will this deficit be made up? Higher taxes on the residents of El Dorado County. This may benefit the County but NOT the residents!

I don’t know about you but in addition to property taxes and other taxes, I pay about $1,000 additional taxes (Mello Roos) per year toward roads and County infrastructure and the roads continue to deteriorate.

This is not a Benefit.

This is one of many reasons this project is not good for the residents of El Dorado County and that is why I oppose this project.