A Couple of Walks Down Memory Lane – 2015 Vote No on Measure E

Here are a couple of videos about Town Hall meetings that were held near the end of 2015 to discuss Measure E:

Measure E Text
Should the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors re-zone the approximately 100 acres of the former executive golf course in El Dorado Hills from its current land use designation as “open space recreation” to a designation that allows residential housing and commercial development on the property?

Townhall Meeting, September 29, 2015 – NO on Measure E

00:00 Introduction – Jim Pridemore
03:59 Measure E – Wayne Haug
05:49 Impartial Analysis – Wayne Haug
06:20 Argument in Favor of E – Wayne Haug
07:02 Argument against Measure E – Wayne Haug
13:13 Absentee voting – Wayne Haug
14:42 Q & A – Wayne Haug
38:04 Previous Surveys – John Hidahl

CEDAC El Dorado Hills Community Survey Start here

EDH CSD Revenue Feasibility Survey Results Start here

50:20 Vision – John Hidahl
56:54 Ron Mikulaco
01:05:00 Brainstorming – Jim Pridemore
01:20:00 Financing – Jim Pridemore
01:27:16 Ron Mikulaco
01:31:00 – Summary and Next steps – John Hidahl
01:43:00 – Greg Prada EID Director
01:48:49 – Darwin Throne
01:50:39 – Q & A John Hidahl
01:51:17 – Ron Mikulaco
01:55:00 – Q & A
02:00:00 – End

Town Hall October 13, 2015

00:00 Welcome/committee into – John Moreno
03:37 CSD Measure E November Ballot -Terry Crumpley
26:22 Next Steps  – John Hidahl
37:39 General Q&A – John Hidahl
51:34 End

And here are the results of the November election:

Reason 2 (of many reasons) For Not Approving this Rezone of the Old Golf Course.

In the Draft Development Agreement for the CEDHSP (Golf Course Rezone) this is stated:

“E. The Project will provide neighborhood, community and County-wide benefits, as more fully detailed in this Agreement, including:

1. Fiscally neutral impacts on County services (Section 3.9 and FIA); “

It goes on to say “.. a net negative fiscal impact upon the County General Fund and County Road Fund. Developer and County shall form a community facilities district (“CFD”) or other mutually acceptable financing to generate annual revenues to the County sufficient to eliminate the identified negative fiscal impact to both the County General Fund and the County Road Fund.”

In my opinion, this is not a BENEFIT because in fact, the negative fiscal impact will start at the beginning of the project and over 15 years will amount to a deficit of $4,885,000, and the deficit will continue in perpetuity.

How will this deficit be made up? Higher taxes on the residents of El Dorado County. This may benefit the County but NOT the residents!

I don’t know about you but in addition to property taxes and other taxes, I pay about $1,000 additional taxes (Mello Roos) per year toward roads and County infrastructure and the roads continue to deteriorate.

This is not a Benefit.

This is one of many reasons this project is not good for the residents of El Dorado County and that is why I oppose this project.

Thank you!

Thank you all for your participation and support on this website, on Nextdoor.com and on the Facebook page.

Thanks to you we have quickly reached over 1200 signed petitions on this website to “say NO to the rezone”.


Additionally, we have a poll posted on Nextdoor that has resulted in 87 percent of you who are against the rezone.

That tracks well with the voter turnout in 2015.


Please enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Sign the Petition to Stop the Rezone

If you experience problems  contact admin@parksnotparker.org.

Please note, you must be a registered voter of El Dorado County and reside in El Dorado County to sign this petition. Thank you.

This petition is requesting the El Dorado County Planning Commission to NOT approve the rezone of the Old Executive Golf Course for residential development.

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition

Back in 2015 91.04% of the votes from the residents on the EDH CSD Measure E proposal were "NO", meaning they were AGAINST rezoning of the El Dorado Hills Old Executive Golf Course in an advisory vote.

Just recently, we received a notice from the El Dorado County Planning Commission announcing a hearing to consider the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan project to request a General Plan Amendment which will result in rezoning the Old Executive Golf Course for housing.

It seems the will of the people are being ignored and will result in the denigration of quality of life by adding approximately 1566 additional automobiles crowding the intersection of Serrano Parkway and El Dorado Hills Blvd daily, creating more noise and pollution, overcrowding our schools, and developing prime recreational open space in the heart of El Dorado Hills.

Water use is estimated to increase by 70,215,780 gallons per year. (82 gallons per day per capita 783 homes 3 people per home * 365 days)

AECOM Technical Services, Inc. estimates that the project will produce 3,907 metric tons of carbon equivalency per year. (4.99 per service unit * 783)

Residential property in EDH has value in part because of amenities such as schools, parks, and open space. Lots and houses are bought and sold based on this value. To rezone and take away a large piece of open space would have a significant impact. The value of all residential property in the community would be diminished, a loss to all the current owners. In part, the increase in value to the Parker Company achieved through rezoning would come at the expense of other property owners.

I request that:
(1) the Planning Commission NOT Recommend the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan as proposed,
(2) the Board of Supervisors NOT approve the Central El Dorado Hills Specific Plan as proposed, regardless of the recommendations of the Planning Commission and
(3) the OLD Golf Course NOT be rezoned for residential development.

I further feel strongly that NO commitments shall be made with respect to any Development Agreement and/or changes to the General Plan without written agreement from representatives of community groups.

This is a travesty that must be stopped!

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DISCLAIMER: The information in this petition was compiled from various historical documents. It is intended to provide information at a general level for the reader. Any errors, omissions or mischaracterizations are not intentional. CREDITS: Ellison Rumsey, Serrano Westside Project Briefing Book May 2011
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