Residential Proximity to Environmental Hazards and Adverse Health Outcomes

Health concerns over building a gas station on Silva Valley Parkway near a school, or placing a park alongside the freeway

Both of these have been options suggested by the developers in EDH who wish to build up El Dorado Hills [CEDHSP and the Costco build-out proposals].

All adding to the congestion, additional traffic, school crowding and more. 

To learn more about the health risks of building parks, or having schools near highways or gas stations next to schools or homes, read this article titled: Residential Proximity to Environmental Hazards  and Adverse Health Outcomes.  

It’s time the community speaks up before it’s too late! Let’s preserve our open space for our families and future generations to enjoy!

Review of Measure E Rezoning vote held in 2015

MEASURE E scorecard

In 2015, the residents of El Dorado Hills voted on Measure E which was and “Advisory Vote” letting the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors know their opinion of rezoning the 98 acres of property known as the old executive golf course, on the east side of El Dorado Hills Boulevard.  The property is currently zoned as “open space recreation“.

The voters were CLEAR on their message. 91.04% of the people that voted said “NO” to rezoning. Only 8.96% wanted change the zoning.  

Developers are trying to push to put between 650-1000 single and multi-family housing units (apartments) in that area equal to about 48 acres.  (If you are familiar with the Pique apartments only a couple miles away off Iron Point adjacent to Hwy 50, that is what 327 apartments looks like. So, this would be 2-3 times that many!)

The loss of open space, the overcrowding of current schools requiring BUSING to campuses 25 minutes away for students in EDH to Diamond Springs schools, and the added traffic congestion for years to come, just doesn’t make sense. 

You can see the full details and the voting report here.